It was the height of celebration as 43 Nigerians broke different records at the Howard University.
These graduates had a lot to be proud of at their graduation ceremony.
However, it was a record of note that of the 96 graduating medical students, all focus was on an exemplary list of 46 Nigerian graduates.

Their joy and that of their parents knew no bounds as from the 27 awards given, 16 awards were given to Nigerian graduates.

Never before at Howard University or any University in the United States has this happened. These Nigerian student completely dominated the ceremony and made history.

President Obama, the commencement speaker, talked about race and encouraged all the graduates to proud of their blackness and to always love and embrace who they are. It is important for us as people of color to continue to break through the glass ceiling.

He said that from his experience in office showed that racism is real and prevalent but we can still achieve greatness as long we believe in ourselves and never give up.

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