By Tendai Rueben Mbofana

African scientists need to conduct an independent study on why the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been much of a pandemic on the continent – save for South Africa.

My own hypothesis – which is not founded on any scientific research – is that, our ‘poverty’ has had a silver lining, in that, our livelihoods, esp our diets, have been premised on natural health-giving (organic foods, fruits and veggies).

As opposed to Western countries, and others (like South Africa) where unhealthy, refined, oily, and even unnatural foods (GMOs) are the order of the day.
Additionally, the over-reliance on medications (be they for the treatment of illnesses, supplements, detoxing agents, etc) – which is the hallmark of citizens of these countries – weakens the body’s own defence system, which was created and designed to fight any disease the body encountered, without an over-reliance on medications, but purely on a healthy natural lifestyle.

I honestly believe those are the reasons why most of Africa, as well as other ‘poor’ countries, have been spared the brunt of the pandemic.

As much as our ‘healthy lifestyles’ in Africa are certainly not by choice, but largely at the hands of a crooked, corrupt, and cruel leadership, that has destroyed our economies, and left us as destitutes – our natural diets (as we can’t afford the unhealthy stuff they eat in so-called ‘developed countries’), and non-reliance on medications (which, again, we can’t afford), have worked to our advantage.
African scientists need to seriously look into this matter – without the input and interference of the captured WHO, and other foreign powers, as these are biased by vested interests, due to the massive profits they make through the research, manufacture, and sale of medicinal drugs, and unhealthy foodstuff… which, they have managed to convince the world, that not only is this the ‘modern way of life’, but also a necessity for good health.

Which, of course, is a huge big lie.
Our bodies were created well before these medications, supplements, etc were turned into manufactured products – considering that they were originally derived from plants and animals, but have now been made toxic and ineffective through endless ‘modifications’ – as the body and its immune system were designed to be boosted by the food we eat, the things we drink, and the way we live our day to day lives. And, the more natural, the more effective.

That’s one big lesson that those living in the so-called ‘developed world’ need to urgently learn. – Tendai Ruben Mbofana
Source: News of the south

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