When Emirates posted an incredible image online appearing to show a diamond-encrusted aircraft, it unsurprisingly sent the internet into meltdown.

The stunning picture showed one of the Dubai-based carrier’s Boeing 777s with what appeared to be a bling-y festive makeover.

But it turned out that all was not as it seemed – the image was actually the result of some very clever Photoshop work.

It was the handiwork of Sara Shakeel, who came up with the idea for the image after capturing a photo of an Emirates aircraft before flying to the Italian city of Milan.

The former dentist often posts pictures to her Instagram account that she edits to give them a bejewelled makeover.

When she posted the 777 picture it quickly became very popular indeed, garnering hundreds of thousands of views – and the airline itself even re-posted it with the caption ‘Presenting the Emirates “Bling” 777. Image created by @SaraShakeel.’

Source: Daily Mail

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