Are you after the money and fame? You may be surprised to find out what the price for fame really is in the music industry. In this cut throat industry of music executives and record labels out to feed on new talent, it may be smart to go independent and here’s why… in this How The Music Industry Works Documentary we take you through a detailed overview of how your record deal can make or break your career. If you want to make it in the music business this video is a MUST WATCH. If you liked the video make sure to hit like and then smash that bell icon!
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📚 Description: Learn how the music business works in less than 30 minutes. Get an inside look into music record deals, publishing, artist expenses, touring costs, digital downloads, and all the terms in standard contracts in the music business. If you want just the fame and you don’t care at all about your money then skip this video. But if you want to make it and get a big slice of your own pie then make sure you watch this video and share it with other artists you know. We need to spread a message to the masses to let them know that they can achieve the level of success they imagine by going independent. Indie Artists in this world have a ton of platforms and places to grow. We hope the video opens your eyes and exposes the music industry. Stay tuned for more videos!

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