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MC Serch spoke to VladTV about how Pete Nice’s line on “The Cactus,” where he said, “The cactus turned Hammer’s mother out,” led to MC Hammer allegedly putting a hit out on him and the group. Serch explained the personal and professional reasons why they dissed Hammer, which involved Hammer’s diss to Run DMC. MC Serch went on to explain how The Rollin 60’s Crips were offered $50,000 to take out the group, which was mediated by Mike Concepcion, a prominent member of the group.
Despite having one of Mike’s men with them for protection, Serch explained how the group was tried several times while they were in L.A. for their album release party. He also explained how the situation has affected him his entire life and led him to work things out in therapy.
To hear the full story, hit the above video. MC Serch is working on Hip Hop’s first book/album.
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