British rapper Mist, real name Rhys Thomas Sylvester, shared an update after he was shot in the leg during an apparent break-in
Rapper Mist has spoken for the first time since he was rushed to hospital after being shot by apparent burglars.
The British rapper – real name  Rhys Thomas Sylvester – was shot in the leg during what appeared to be a break-in at his luxury holiday villa in Portugal.

He shared two pictures of himself giving a thumbs up on Instagram and told fans: “Received the maddest love in the last two days.
“Thank you everyone for having me in your prayers and sending your messages.

Mist has reassured fans he’s recovering well from his gunshot wound (Image: Instagram)
His leg was bandaged up where he was shot (Image: Instagram)

“Moments like this make you realise what’s important I’m here, recovering well, ready to make more hits.”
He went on: “Your karlas back in full action, nothin can hold me down.

Sticks and stones might break your bones but this karlas back and active.”
He finished his post with the hashtag “#whatdosentkillyoumakesyoustronger”.

Mist was staying in the Algarve after performing there earlier this month (Image: Instagram)
Mist had a slight limp as he walked across the room (Image: Instagram)

Initial reports suggested burglars stole Mist’s passport as well as jewels and phones from the villa, which is situated in the parish of Almancil on the Algarve.
Well-placed sources said the rapper was with a group of six friends at the villa where the incident occurred – a British man and woman who drove him to hospital and three other pals who are understood to be Portuguese.
Respected Portuguese state broadcaster RTP said a party was going at the property when the intruders burst in and said witnesses had told police the men had asked where Mist was before shooting him.

Mist smoked on the sofa as he shared his progress with fans (Image: Instagram)
Police are now investigating the rapper’s apparent break-in (Image: Instagram)

A PJ police spokesman confirmed on Wednesday: “The Policia Judiciaria is investigating the possible commission of a crime of robbery around 11pm on Tuesday (AUGUST 27) at a private property in the parish of Almancil.
“The crime in question, which has yet to be clarified, was perpetrated by two English-speaking individuals with firearms.
“During the incident a shot was fired which hit one of the occupants of the property, a British man, in a lower limb.
“He was taken to a hospital A&E and discharged after treatment for a superficial gunshot wound.
“The modus operandi of the suspects does not fit the typical sort of robbery, with nothing having been moved or taken from inside the property apartment from the victim’s personal belongings.
“Investigations are continuing.”

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