Today, female athletes who have worked their entire lives to become the best in their sport are now being edged out of competition and medals by athletes who have the physical advantage of being boys. 

For those who believe these are just kid sports and no one is really getting hurt, just look to the number of female athletes who are disadvantaged in college recruitment and scholarships.

Today, families who object to having their daughters compete against transgender students are being bullied into silence.

Tennis great Martina Navratilova, who also happens to be the first openly gay athletic super star, felt the brunt of the bullying and intimidation in February when she called out what she amounted to cheating. Navratilova bluntly called the practice of allowing biologically male athletes to compete in women’s sports “insane” and said “it’s cheating.”  

Athlete Ally, a gay rights sports advocacy group, then removed Navratilova from its advisory board because of her criticism of Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist who won a gold medal at the cycling Masters World Track Championship for women. 

The 18-time Grand Slam champion worried that not everyone would have the toughness to stand up for their views on this issue and “may be cowed into silence or submission.” 

Well, we won’t be silent. Fair play should be anything but controversial.

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